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«Courage to Take
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We cannot answer all questions, but we would like to give you background information hardly anyone knows and help you understand many things that seem inexplicable. Have you noticed that politicians rarely or never adress issues that are of deep concern to the public? To get an idea of what we mean, please consider the following:

Marriage and family

We all know how important a good family life is. Time and again the results of surveys are published showing how essential marriage and family are for people - especially so for the young. One would therefore expect the media, schools and legislature (marriage and family law, social law, taxation laws) to undertake everything possible to protect and strengthen families that are intact.

See for yourself: are there any such moves to strengthen and protect families? Isn't the opposite the case? Isn't the family degraded everywhere?

It can be shown that this is not an unavoidable historical development but a crisis which has been systematically produced. This all begins with the shifts made in the meaning of central expressions that then aquire an entirely different content.


The education system in the German speaking countries enjoyed high esteem thoughout the world. This was the case until the middle of the 60ies. We all know that the rules and institutions of human communities rely on constant reform and improvement because life is always developing. Thus nobody was inicially sceptical when, about 30 years ago, people started talking more and more about neccessary educational reforms. Ecer since education is under permanent "reform", and an increasing number of people are under the impression that our schools are being reformed to death.

You may believe that well-meant reform interests simply have to lead to the positive results that had been envisaged, that they have just fallen though. That may also be the case. But this is not the main reason for the obvious negative developments. We can show you that, in fact, we are facing an onslaught on school and education that has been contrived with hte definite aim of destroying this central social institution: school.


It is a fact that the abuse of prohibited drugs is on the increase. And everybody seems to agree that something must be done about this. The careful reader, listener or bobserver may have gained the impression that the opinions of experts on how to overcome the problem clash. However, this is not the case. The real experts involved, who also may not always agree on individual details, have insisted on learning from experience gained up to date and continuing along the lines that have established a means of really fighting the increase in drug abuse. And then there are these others who have labelled themselves experts following entirely different goals in reality.

Now that is something about which you should collect as much information as possible, because a further spread of drug consumption will affect us - personally more and more.

Increasing violence

Violence and brutality are spread alarmingly. That, too is a problem of general concern that affects us all. Of course, everyone "important" is doing everything in their power to fight this. That is to be expected - or perhaps not?

Have you ever heard that - as many psychologists say - sexual education for children that takes place too early or is unappropriate as concerns dealingwith the subject matter or age makes children and youth aggressive? Have you ever asked yourselves - as parents - what the sexual education ordaimed from above really looks like in schools?

Is the expression "encounter group" familiar to you? Have you ever been confronted by the words "Gestalt therapy" or "Gestalt pedagogy"? Has anyone ever told you that socalled further education causes are held under these brand names - for teachers, for example - and what the real aims of encounter group exercises are within the framework of gestalt therapy?

One of the inventors of gestalt therapy, Paul Goodman, is the author of an "anarchistic manifesto" In it doing one's duties as a citizen is branded as "a crime worse than murder. It is betrayal." Another quotation from the above mentioned work: "Many socalled crimes, I believe most of them, are free actions in reality, the subjugation of which is the origin of our fearfulness." The spread of violence and aggressivity is also nor just and incidental development in society.


It is a deadly disease for those afflicted by it. The main ways of contracting AIDS are well known. In the case of other contagious diseases much harsher legal measures are taken to combat an epidemic than what has been undertaken in the case of AIDS. Harsher measures, in fact, with diseases that can be cured and are much less harmful than AIDS. Politicians concerned with questions of health only have a single solution to the problem in accordance with the view held by the media: the contraceptive. - This although it is known that the risk of infection is only reduced by a factorof five (maximum: ten) by using a condom. Thus, solely recommending condoms without any other suggestions of protection such as careful choice of a partner and long-lasting relationsships, is of no real use. There is a growing movement among school students in the United States who are aware that being loyal in a relationsship is the best possible protection against being infected by aids. Therefore they live by the principle: "True love can wait."

What have these things got to do with each other? Well, a militant group of homosexuals have dominated this issue and used the generous inflow of tax funds for what is allegorically "information campaigns on aids". What the tax payers are really funding in most cases is: enforcing the political aims of the gay movement, that is the homosexuals, and promoting perverse sexual practices.

Information on these ugly developments and their consequences can be made available to aduls by us.

What can we do?

We have made it our job to disclose the real nature of and the connections between the issues mentioned above. We also know that the people involved, that is: the people instrumental in pushing these various developments towards crisis belong to closely affiliated groups working together.

We do not wish to see the foundations of our communities, our culture and civilisation destroyed without taking any action on our part. The first and most effective antidote as we see it is making our fellow citzens aware of what is going on.

For this reason, we have joined forces in the European work groups "Mut zur Ethik" (For morality)

Information can be obtained from the Secretariat «Mut zur Ethik»

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